Mickey espada

Mickey J. Espada medina

Mickey J. Espada Medina studied professionally and graduated from the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus and Vanderbilt University in Tennessee.

For more than twenty (20) years he worked in the government of Puerto Rico, training and developing experiences in the areas of security, municipalism, infrastructure and business development, marketing, mass event development and public administration.
Between some of the positions stand out:

  • Executive Director of the Earthquake Commission
  • Executive Director of the Traffic Safety Commission
  • Senate of Puerto Rico – Municipal Reform Commission and Public Corporations
  • Director of Administration of the Highway Authority
  • Executive Director of Municipal Enterprises of the Municipality of San Juan and Municipality of Carolina
  • Sub-Director of the Port Authority / Property Development and Marketing
  • Sub-Director (Vice-Minister) of the Tourism Company
  • Under-Secretary of Economic Development

Special Projects:

  • Development of Non-Structural Risk Security Plan for the Government of Puerto Rico (Earthquake Safety)
  • Establishment of the Protective Seat Program in the Fire Department
  • The Administration of municipal companies, in the municipalities of Carolina and San Juan, development, remodeling and administration of the Market Square of Río Piedras, Santurce Market Square, Roberto Clemente Coliseum, Carolina Spa, Hiram Bithorn Baseball Stadium.
  • Director of federal programs for Municipio de Carolina (population approximately 170k) responsible for managing and coordinating administrative matters and compliance for work before and after hurricane George 1998 category 4.
  • Collaboration and participation in the Project of Law # 81 of 1991, of the Commission for the Reform of Municipal Affairs.
  • Development and Implementation of the Air and Maritime Access Plan and tourist advertising campaigns for the government of Puerto Rico.
  • Development and implementation of the commercial reformulation of the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport.
  • Development and supervision of the Agile Permits Processing Center as part of the transition from ARPE to OMPE
  • Executive management of the “Branding” brand development program for Puerto Rico

Espada withdrew from public service in 2008, opening his business development and marketing company, Mabudeg Corp., and recruiting top-level associates with extensive experience in the fields of tourism, hospitality, business development, digital marketing, planning and development.

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